Plot of the game Yandere School

Plot of the game Yandere School

School love is one of the first, strong and emotional feelings.

It happens with schoolgirl Akari Furutaka, main character of the game «Yandere School». Her fells in love with a classmate, but she is afraid to tell him about it… Over time, she sees a girl classmate begins to stare at her boyfriend. Even more, to the “club of admirers” joins foreign exchange student, and her beloved even gets a bride… Another one would give up, but Akari is not going to simply holt his photo and cry in pillow. Yandere – is a character term, soft on the outside and hard as the cold blade of a knife, inside.

You will have to eliminate rivals, so that no one see, and even hide the body (or, that was left of them). And it must be done in such a way to get a true pleasure. No matter, are you boy (the player), or girl, to enjoy the cool temper yandere – schoolgirl «Yandere School» is a wonderful way to recall in memory own school years and own first love, even in such unusual way.

Nice graphics, interesting gameplay, exciting story line – this all just will not you allow stop playing the game before it is finished. Because of «Yandere School» you will understand how sometimes is not easy but pleasant at the same time, is to be a yandere-chan.

Yandere School
Akari Furutaka – main character of the game Yandere School