Yandere School уже в релизе!

Yandere School уже в релизе!

Yandere School is already in release!

We all waited a long time for this moment, and finally the game is ready. Finally, on September 1, 2017, you can play and learn the love story of an ordinary schoolgirl-yandere named Akari Furutaka. You will see 5 chapters and 4 nightmares, filled with sudden plot twists, when you seem to have your senpai, but suddenly someone becomes an obstacle to the fanatical love.

The game can be purchased for Windows PC in the Steam store:

Or for Android mobile devices on the Google Play Store:

But that is not all! We will distribute several keys for free on every page in social networks to thank the fans for the long support of the project. Thank you for your interest, it helped to bring the game to the end.

-Team of Tea & Cake Games