Who is yandere?

Who is yandere?

Yandere – what does it mean?

Somewhat earlier, the term “Yandere” caused confusion among fans of anime, manga, forcing to Google and ask questions – “What does Yandere mean?” It is simply the type of character which can be found in various video games and anime titles.
Just imagine, how to not notice the sweet and modest, half-hearted and kawaii girl, who just can not bear painful love and jealous. How react to things like people? – They suffer.

Yandere is not an exception, but along with the suffering there is another feature of the yandere character (or sometimes – “Yanderekko”). It is distinguished, with shyness ruthless temper, which is manifested in the mass of bloody killings.
Given the prevalence of the term «Yandere» around the world we should understand that before secret admirers and worshipers of different sex could not show their feelings. But, if you notice that the quite one classmate modestly looks at you and holding a sword in her hands, it is worth considering… whether she has a hidden side – the Yandere side.

There is a lot of anime and games with characters of such type, if you are intrigued already, you can download yandere game developed by our game studio!

Akari Furutaka - protagonist in Yandere School
Akari Furutaka – main character of the game Yandere School